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Mission Trips

Cam and music students at beach

Most common questions:

  1. Is Haiti safe?  We have been traveling to Haiti for the past 6 years and have all the contacts and people in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.  Like any International trip to a 3rd world country it will be different and unique experience which we guarantee will be life changing ….in the most amazing way!
  2. How much will it cost to travel to Haiti?  We charge an average of about $60.00  a day per person, which covers costs for 3 meals a day, accommodations, and ground transportation.  Airfare is additional, depending on your originating city.  Also, certain shots are required to travel to this area so that is additional as well.
  3. What type of things do you do on your mission trips?  We spend time with the youth involved in our ministry programs.  From Bible studies, singing together or excursions to the beach.  We also do home visits to experience life in Haiti and walks around the village we are working in.   We have a prison ministry and can do a visit to the local prison if interested.
  4. What type of things can we bring for the people of Haiti?  We would be happy to coordinate any special project with your group.  Popular is a solar lantern project and the youth can bring and distribute inflatable solar lights to locals in the village.

If you would like to take a youth group from your church or school or are just interested in going solo to Haiti with us, please contact us for more details.  We would love to have you join us!

Contact info:
Kim Butorac
Cell Phone: 612-618-5669
Email: kim@musicoftheheart.org

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