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Light The Way Ministry was founded in March 2012 by Kim Butorac Good. Kim gave her life to the Lord in January 2011 and heard God calling her to Haiti in December 2011. Her first trip involved some fear and anxiety traveling to an impoverished third world country, but she put her trust in the Lord and off she went! Upon returning Kim knew this was where God was calling her.  Ever since, God has been on the move in her life and in this ministry in Haiti!

Kim has been traveling back and forth to Haiti since 2011 and is working effortlessly in various ways to serve the Lord there!  In 2014 the Lord blessed her with her now husband, Joman Good.  They are serving together in Haiti as husband and wife.  In 2017 the ministry purchased a 2 acre piece of land to be used for the youth ministry program.  The plan is to hopefully to also have a bible teaching church on the land soon!  The ministry purpose is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti.  Bringing youth into the ministry to teach them about Jesus and the word of God.  This in turn will allow them to be a light and a witness for Christ in their own community!

We ask for your prayers for the work God has called us to in Haiti!
If you are interested in visiting Haiti with this ministry please contact us!
We welcome individuals and small groups to come with us!
We would love to take you to see what God is doing in Haiti!

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