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Light The Way Ministry was founded in March 2012 by Kim Butorac. Kim gave her life to the Lord in January 2011 and God called her to Anse au Veau, Haiti in December 2011. Ever since, God has been on the move in her life! Her first trip involved a lot of anxiety and fear, but she was putting her trust in the Lord and off she went! Upon returning Kim knew  this was where God was calling her.  She had been asked by a local Haitian priest to help start a marching band program in another rural village ….she said YES!  It was not long after that, Kim started and formed Music of the Heart nonprofit.  In April 2014, God blessed Kim with the marriage to an amazing man of God, Joman Good. Now, Kim and Joman are doing the ministry together!  They love the Lord, and do all in faith and love for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Kim has been traveling back and forth to Haiti since 2011 and is working effortlessly in various ways to serve the Lord there!  In 2017 after 6 years in L’Asile, Haiti, doing the music ministry, the Lord called her back to Anse au Veau.  The ministry purchased a 2 acre piece of land to be part of the start of a new youth ministry program there. To date, there are about 30 youth in the ministry program and they have a full time ministry Pastor as well!  In 2020, Kim heard from the Lord to change the ministry name.  There was no longer a music program so a new name was needed to reflect what the Lord is doing thru the ministry now.  On February 8, 2021 the ministry was officially given the new name:     “Light The Way Ministry”.
The ministry purpose is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti.  Bringing youth into the ministry to teach them about Jesus and the word of God.  This in turn will allow them to be a light and a witness for Christ in their own community!

We ask for your prayers for the work God has called us to in Haiti!
If you are interested in visiting Haiti with this ministry please contact us!
We welcome individuals and small groups to come with us!
We would love to take you to see what God is doing in Haiti!

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